The power drill at the MyLowesLife

The Lowe’s vice president apologized Tuesday for commenting in a corporate video on an exercise he described as perfect for Hispanic professionals with small hands.

Joe McFarland, executive vice president of Retail Lowe, said the Washington Post in a video released Monday to store managers across the country.

McFarland announced the DeWalt 99 Volt Cordless Drill, which is compact enough to be used anywhere.

He also suggested a possible population group that it could attract.

Some of our Hispanic professionals with smaller hands are perfect for them, he said.

Here is the McFarland video promoting the practice of Swiss Post.

The video was part of a weekly internal MyLowesLife program in which managers discussed the company’s priorities.

However, some Lowe employees were surprised by McFarland’s comment, according to an unidentified deputy director who was interviewed by the newspaper.

“Everyone in the room said,” What? Did you just say that? The deputy director explained the terms of anonymity to the newspaper. Right after the incident, everyone said,

And we knew he would be a great employee.

Whoa, why should I say that?

MyLowesLife Benefits

Some of the major benefits of registering on the MyLowesLife online portal are as follows:

  1. This online portal eliminates the need for visiting the HR department every time the employee wants to access his Jon related details. He can check each and every detail regarding his job on the MyLowesLife online portal.
  2. MyLowesLife is one of the best portals for the management team to keep a watch on their employees.
  3. As the management team can effectively use this portal to keep a track of their employees, they can shift their focus to more important work and thus enhancing the productivity on their premises.
  4. MyLowesLife has enhanced the mental peace of the employees serving the Lowes to a great extent. They can check the details like the work schedule, the salary details, the employee benefits, etc. just by using their login credentials on the MyLowesLife online portal. Although the company’s weekly videos are generally posted on Lowe’s internal website throughout the week, they are no longer available there.

The company that wants to “make your home happy” also wants to make its employees happy.

A Lowe in Abilene, Texas hired a disabled Air Force veteran with his service dog.

Clay Luthy, 35, told Abilene Reporter-News that he could not be readmitted to the Air Force after multiple knee surgeries. He had trouble finding work because he always had his assistance dog with him, a golden retriever named Charlotte. The 10-year-old dog is trained to help Luthy get up when she gets up.

After Luther left the military, MyLowesLife’s main job was to work as a craftsman, and since the father of three was with Lowe, his wife suggested that he apply for a job. Then he did it.

Jay Fellers, Luthy’s human resources manager for Lowe, said Luthy was the best person for the job.

“So we went through the interview process and Clay and his own income got the job,” Fellers told KIDY, a partner in Fox, Texas. And we knew he would be a great employee. We only had the advantage of bringing Charlotte with us.

The matching vest couple has been with Lowe for two months.

Charlotte was also very successful with clients.

One of them, Judy Dechert Rose, posted a photo of the two on her Facebook page with her foot: “I love Abilene Lowes, so I’m going! He was a disabled vet who had trouble finding a job because of one dog of service needed! Lowes hired them both! ”

La Poste went viral and received more than 156,000 likes and more than 163,000 shares.

In June MyLowesLife Canada also hired a pair of assistance dogs and men, a man named Owen and his assistance puppy Blue.

It is enough for someone, man or dog, to complain.

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