Teamsters vs UPS: Who leads the race?

When UPS employees in western Pennsylvania voted for their new union agreement earlier this year, 96% of them voted against and asked their union, the Teamsters, to return to the table. Negotiations to get a better deal.

However, it appears that the union administration is considering implementing the contract anyway.

“Everyone is outraged,” said Gary Piso, a UPS driver in Pittsburgh and manager of his local office, one of nine Teamsters subsidiaries covered by the Pennsylvania contract.

These residents are now in conflict with their international union, led by Teamsters CEO James P. Hoffa. The union is about to end all contract negotiations with UPS across the country. Local Pennsylvania leaders said the union’s national bargaining committee informed them last week that they wanted to approve the region’s rejected offer.

This, in turn, led to allegations that the union was violating members’ wills. Jon Bedillion, secretary and treasurer of Teamsters Local 585 near Pittsburgh, said in a letter to UPSers employees Saturday that he and other legal measures would be taken against the union if the contract were approved.

“We cannot understand the National Committee’s reasoning as to why it would do such a bad business for West Pa,” Bedillion wrote. However, we would also like to inform you that we currently have legal advisers who are investigating what action we can take against the International if necessary.

A Teamsters spokesperson declined to comment on the pin.

The Pennsylvania conflict is just the latest sign of disagreement among UPSers pilots among the team’s stars.

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Late last year, the Teamsters were formed under a new national or “master” contract with UPS, one of the largest US union contracts, which covers more than 200,000 workers and affects working conditions across the industry. Logistics. However, most voters gave it a boost, mainly because it had created a two-tier subordinate compensation system for a new class of drivers.

However, team leaders have ratified the contract based on a provision of the union constitution: if less than 50% of eligible members vote, union leadership can terminate it and, if necessary, implement a contract. The case when the vote “No” does not reach the third limit. Nationally, only 44% of the members involved, and 54% voted against the contract.

The controversial Pennsylvania contract is the so-called “Supplemental Contract,” a region-specific secondary contract that addresses issues not covered by the main contract. Teamster has dozens of additional contracts with UPSers across the country. The vast majority of them have been resolved.

However, in Pennsylvania, members wanted UPS to add more to its financially affected pension fund and give part-time drivers a 1.5-hour pay on weekends. According to Kevin Schmitt, president of Teamsters Local 249, who negotiated the additional contract. According to Schmitt, UPS’s offers deteriorated during the negotiations after members rejected the company’s first offer.

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