How could OEM technology lead the Future Agriculture & Construction

So many things around you are changing, isn’t it?

Companies adopt new operational techniques and tools for better management. There has been a massive advancement in the computer field, data analytics, and the connectivity of course. Despite all this, there are two fields which are still lagging behind and they are – Agriculture and Construction.

When it comes to Oil, Gas and our government sectors, you might have felt some lag even though there is high-profit gain with all the technology. Then, why is this lag? What can be done about it?

OEM technology lead the Future Agriculture & Construction

How could OEM technology lead the Future Agriculture & Construction

OEM is one form of company which builds systems, parts or equipment for another company that does all the marketing work. In a recent interview with a panel of senior OEM executives, they were asked about the readiness of the system. The answer was not much surprising though.

The OEM panel replied that they were more ready with the solutions when something goes wrong related to the system. While they are less ready when the change is more related to the system requirements, changing the business model, and yes the Internet of Things.

So, how should OEM make some quality changes for improving the Future of Agriculture & Construction:

>Finding out the critical points in the ecosystem

OEM was on the traditional front for all the hardware works. But since the shift from hardware to software, OEM has to now learn more things related to technology in agriculture.

>Try 2-speed R & D

With all the changing requirements of users, OEM should now refresh their R & D processes. Set up a hardware lane and a software lane – both should operate separately yet remain closely linked to one another. Hardware will have more of a defined process, whereas software lane will be iterative and all impromptu.

>Make a few changes in the Talent Model

It’s true that by 2024, more than 50% of the workforce will be taken over by the millennials. This is why the company need to set a different talent model and try to fill up the gaps in the system by hiring the right capable person for it.

>Understanding the Customer-Interests in the Past Record

You will like an application only if you know how to use it, and also when you are aware of its features. While the contractors and farmers are more concerned about how the data will get used. Therefore, OEM should better explanation on how to make value out of the information, and it will definitely address the concerns of the users.

Do you have any points to add here? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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