Must Read | Some TED Talks About The Future of Technology

Who doesn’t love watching the TED talks and especially when it comes to technology and other future aspects?

Now, last year we had already been through some much advancements and some of the major ones being with the increase in the character limit on Twitter. They upgraded it from the usual 140 to 280 characters. Also, Tesla launched the Electric cars that sure seems to be a big advancement. Also, the never-ending net neutrality debate which is still on!

Must Read | Some TED Talks About The Future of Technology

Considering both 2017 and 2018, there have been less advancements in terms of automation so far. Should we blame it on Amazon? To some extent, all the giant companies were just focussing on the Alexa thing, and somewhere the work has lagged behind because of it.

But to be frank with the technology, there has been a lot of advancements recently not in an augmented way of course.

I was googling around some of my favorite TED talks where some of the coolest scientists, directors and other investigators from renowned institutions shared their researches and advancements carried out in their respective fields. You will find a zillion of them, and each one of them is inspiring than the other. Some of the Must Watch ones are given below-

#1 Watch out how Caleb Harper shares his thought of planting food and vegetables inside the homes!


#2 Aviation Entrepreneur Rodin Lyasoff shares his visions about how personal the air-travel can get for the users. Flying taxis and more!


#3 Zeynep Tufekci is a Techno-Sociologist. Watch her talk on how the Artificial Intelligence could possibly be a threat in the future. She believes that AI in its true form is not dangerous, but the matter of concern is how the people in power going to use it for the people.


#4 Reed Hastings, the co-founder, and CEO of Netflix shares his ideas and thoughts on how the Netflix is changing the mode of entertainment. He along with the TED curator Chris Anderson shares out his struggles and the risks that the team had to face in a certain situation and other challenges with this media field.


#5 Simone Giertz shares out the wackiest of her inventions and why she is still on inventing Stupid things. She adds – ‘The true beauty in creating such useless machines is the acknowledgment that no one knows what’s the best answer for it’. Check out a brief on all her inventions, and she also runs a YouTube channel where she uploads the videos of all her inventions.

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