TechTips | Are a Bug and a Technical Issue Same?

It is very easy to get confused between the two terms – Bug & Technical Issue. How do you define both? Let’s do one thing; take a pen and paper. Then try to define both the terms in a single line, in your words. Finding it difficult, isn’t it?

There is nothing complicated or confusing here, still, many of us find it hard to define. I am going to solve it out for you, so shall we start?

TechTips | Are a Bug and a Technical Issue Same?

Both of the terms, Bug and Technical Issue point towards some problem in the application or website.

But they are NOT the SAME! First, I will define both the terms Bug and Technical Issue in a single line for you and then get into detail.

  • Bug

It is something which is also referred to as a functional bug, and it means that the application is facing an internal issue.

  • Technical Issue

Technical Issue is a more serious problem than a functional bug. Here the application or the website, as a whole is affected and is undergoing some process.

What does a bug in an application mean?

A bug is nothing but an error in the programming thing which is causing the application to produce wrong results. For example, if you tap on the option time and if the date is displayed in the output then this is a simple example of Bug. Also, if the application behaves in a strange manner giving you different results, then even that is a Bug.

What is a technical issue?

Technical Issue is more complex and problematic than a Bug. It affects the application as a whole, in a way making the entire app useless to you. Or in a more layman language, it is an application problem that makes it impossible for you to use any function of it.

Also, when you launch an application and it is giving out a server error or if it is simply getting crashed. That’s another example of Technical Issue. You have to report of a technical issue to their respective application.

Hope, you are pretty much clear with the difference now. Bug is more related to the functional problem in an application (that means there are other functions which are running properly), whereas Technical Issue is something that is creating problem to the whole application itself. 

Therefore, in case you are not able to define the issue you are facing, you could simply refer to it as a functional bug. Did this article solve out all the queries for you? Write us your feedback and other inputs by commenting them below.

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